The #MuslimRage hashtag that was “hijacked” (no pun intended)


My tweets appeared in Forbes, Examiner, NPR, and others, following Newsweek’s attempt to capitalise on its sensationalist front cover that showed enraged Muslims over the Prophet film (it’s a scary cover!). So the responses were hilarious #MuslimRage tweets from around the world.
Some of my highly trended tweets included:

“Get angry when the self proclaimed MSN Messenger pops up. There can be no other Messenger!”  #MuslimRage.

“Eat, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, love” #MuslimRage.

“Want to write a book called ‘Men are from Mecca, Women are from Medina”  #MuslimRage.

(I admit, the last one I took out of my 2006 stand-up material :))



CLOSE-UP: Who was Khaled Saeed? (Radio Interview)


My radio interview on ABC RN Program about Khaled Saeed:

Or download podcast (MP3) directly from here CLOSE-UP: WHO WAS KHALED SAEED?

(interviewed by Waleed Aly and Anthony Bubalo)
Interview based on my 5 June 2012 article in Jadaliyya: Saeeds of Revolution: De-mythologizing Khaled Saeed


Revolution – SBS Insight


SBS Insight Forum “Monumental change is sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa.

Overview: “Powerful dictators are being toppled and long-entrenched regimes are under threat. Insight looks at the unfolding new order in the region and how democracy might work there. What do the people actually want … and what will they get?”

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: